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Musical Theatre Musings

Musical theatre enthusiast Sarah McPartlan got Startup Digital to build her a blog, giving her an online space she could call her own.

“Prior to having my own website I used Tumblr to host my blog, however I found this very restrictive as it didn’t allow me to put my own mark on my blog. I also couldn’t track how many visits my blog had received”
How Startup Digital helped:
– We developed a mobile responsive blog
– Designed a custom logo and branded the website
– Integrated Sarah’s social media channels with the site to drive social referrals
– Embedded email newsletter sign-ups to increase her following
– Installed a comment plugin to drive interaction
– Handed over a customised WordPress installation to give Sarah total control over her content

“Now I have my own site I can make my blog my own. The site was handed over to me in a way that made it easy to track my stats and it also gives my blog a more professional look and feel.

“Since Startup Digital built my blog, I now review for three other sites: Londontheatre1, Sardines and OfficialLondonTheatre. I have also established good relationships with local theatres such as the Churchill Theatre in Bromley and New Wimbledon Studio. It also means that in the future I have a good basis to grow my blog from, which would not have been possible using a platform such as Tumblr.”

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