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Green Street Green Football Club

Green Street Green Football Club needed a website to help attract new players and process player payments online:

“Previously we relied on word of mouth to promote ourselves and were taking player payments by cash. This made it very difficult to manage our finances and keep a competitive team together.”
How Startup Digital helped:
– We development of mobile responsive website
– Integrated PayPal with the new site for processing online player payments
– Customised a social plugin to generate content for the site
– Setup an integration with football league data for displaying the latest league tables and results
– Adapted the content management system to allow for easy updating of match results, player statistics, fixtures, match locations etc.

“The new website gave us a much more professional look and feel, increasing the number of new player enquiries we received. We can communicate upcoming match details in a simple way and our players are now able to plan ahead.

“The biggest benefit has been the addition of online player subscription payments. Everything is managed in one place and we can run quick reports to see exactly who has paid and who hasn’t.

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