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St Nicholas R.P.C

St Nicholas RPC needed Startup Digital to help them with two major projects. Firstly, we helped them get technical by building a custom self service membership database. Upon completion we integrated this into a new website (also built by us!).

Prior to Statup Digital’s help, St Nicks were handling membership renewals by post. The website was showing signs of age and failing to attract new members.
How Startup Digital helped:
Production of custom membership database       
– Provided each member with access to process renewals online saving the club huge amounts of money in postage
– Secure logins were created to enable each member to maintain their own user records and attendance logs
– Functionality built for new member applications to handled through the database
– Separate admin panel produced to allow the committee to process applications quickly
– Linked with Mail Chimp to enable email announcements to be sent to members

Development of new website
– New website design and front-end built on top of existing server restrictions and specifications
– Improved user experience to help members find the information they need
– New membership database embedded within the site

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